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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Power of a Great Question.....

Have you ever found yourself stumped by a great question? Who was it that asked you that particular question that got you thinking? Chances are, you were impressed at the way the questioner was able to break you out of your normal thought process, and wake you up a little. That's right. Sometimes, we let our brains go on auto-pilot, and we need someone to give us a swift shake! Someone to say, "No, I'm not going to let you continue on with your normal dull thought process, because you are not really thinking right now at all. You're just on auto-pilot, and I'm going to ask you an eye opening question that will shake you up a little, but in a good way! I'm going to challenge the way you normally do things, and get you to try something new and exciting!"

And that is what a great salesperson is able to do....
Great salespeople not only ask you what you need, but they already know what your automated response will be, and they're prepared with a way to shake you out of that auto-piloted robot mode of doing things, and re-frame their questioning in a way where you will not only have to engage with them, but you will be impressed! You'll be impressed because they've gotten your attention. They haven't allowed themselves, or you, to just walk by, and miss out on their special way of selling! They've managed to re-frame your responses to their questions, to be able to probe into what you are really seeking.

The Power Re-Frame

We've all heard this one, "Can I help you?" or "What are you looking for today?"
The typical response is, "I'm just shopping around," or, "I'm just looking, just window shopping, or price comparing." The average salesperson would respond with, "Alright, well, let me know if you need anything. My name is so-and-so." That's the typical, average salesperson's response, and I've heard it a thousand times! Why not shake things up a little? Get that customer to notice you, because if they tell you they are just looking, it's a defensive move, and they are not impressed with you yet. That's your opportunity! Don't let it pass you by, because if you do, then you will have to start all over with the next person. And why would you want to do that, knowing that you possess exactly the right response to re-frame, and engage that customer trying to get away from you right now?!

Here's what you say.....
"I understand that right now you're are just looking, price comparing, etc., but what is it that you are just looking FOR? I noticed you are looking at such and such merchandise, and I have more of those. If you want me to show you where they are, I would be happy to do that. Then wait, and see what they say.....chances are, they will respond positively. They will be put in a position where, if they now answer you negatively, they will feel guilty. Yes, guilty. You have showed a caring attitude in trying to understand their needs, and finding out exactly what they are looking for. You've offered to show them more of what they want, and you've gotten their attention with your questioning and listening skills! They are now looking at the merchandise they didn't see before, because they have been conditioned to avoid salespeople, and to defend themselves against us. But now they see something different. You have re-framed their whole perception of you just by being your sweet and generous self. And now they are liking what you're presenting, and you've made a sale! See how easy that was? And it all began with a simple re-frame. It all began with you not giving up on asking important questions to gain that client's trust, and their business.