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Monday, July 23, 2012

How to create #SEO for your blog

Plant the tree

and remember...

It takes time.

Attract the right audience

With the right information

What is your audience looking for? What are they seeking? Provide that for them, and generously...

Remember what's important

Remember that you are catering to a certain audience. Not everyone is going to like what you write about. And everyone liking what you write is not required. You aren't blogging for that reason. You are blogging about a certain topic because you are an expert on that topic, and you want to share your knowledge. You want to teach others, and help those who will benefit from what you know. Remember that not everyone will get it, and that is okay. Better to have a couple hundred real fans, than a million who don't get what you do, or just think you are 'okay.'


Visit other websites on similar topics, and leave comments. Engage. It will attract new followers back to your blog, and let others know who you are.

Social media marketing

Market your blog on all of your social media platforms. All of them. It's free advertising for your blog, and is worth the investment of your time.


Join Triberr. I can't stress this enough. Perfect example: before I joined Triberr, I had an audience, but now I have a major Google presence. And it's mostly because of my great tribe members sharing my posts. If you are invited to join a tribe, you should not hesitate. Accept the invitation. You will see how much it will benefit you, and pretty quickly. It is also a great way to get RTs (re-tweets) on Twitter, which send your optimization through the roof..

Regular posting

If you don't post regularly, your blog probably won't get enough traffic to create #SEO. I would recommend posting at least once a week, and more if you can swing it. Every time you post something new, it registers across the entire web. I've even noticed my Klout scores go up if I put up a new blog post. And the more #SEO you get, the higher your Klout score, too. Something to consider, if that is important to you.  

#Keywords and #hashtags

But not too many. You don't want to get keyword and hashtag happy. Just try to emphasize the main point of your blog post by mentioning whatever keyword you want to show up on search engines three times. Hashtags are keywords with a number sign in front of them, and they were created for Twitter users to easily show up in search. A great way to get noticed..

Watch it grow

At the beginning of this post, I said it takes time. And I'm really not kidding. I started this blog 2 yrs. ago, and it's just becoming successful. That should tell you a lot. It's not going to happen overnight. It's probably not going to happen in a few months. You gradually build your optimization over time, until you see the fruits of your labor.

Thanks for stopping by...CC

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What it means to lead...

As I sit at a table with my mother, she is showing me how to paint. I am not doing so well, and keep muddling the colors together. She gently starts guiding me. Giving me tips on how to use color. How this and that need to be done. I start making another mistake, and she gently gives me more guidance. You can tell she wants me to get this.

She has been painting for a long time, entering her art in art shows. Helping other people to develop a love for watercolors. So, I finally agreed to paint with her. She had asked me many times, and tried to encourage me to paint. I thought I couldn't paint, until now. And I realized something else, too. That my mother is a leader. For years, I misunderstood her gentle nature. But I realized she wanted me to learn when I was ready...

A real leader does not bully

Anyone can spout off orders. Can threaten to take people's jobs away if they don't perform up to 'their' standard. Anyone can get angry and shout at people. To instill fear in others is not leadership. Intimidating people into behaving a certain way is not leadership. It's just bullying.

Anyone can be a bully. Bullies use brute strength instead of strategy. They use fear tactics that lower morale, instead of speaking to people respectfully. In ways that motivate them, and encourage them to perform at their best. Bullies don't know how to do that. Leaders do.

Show me someone with great leadership abilities, and I guarantee you they trust their employees. They give them the tools to do their jobs, but trust that they will do them right. In their own way. The way that works for them. They don't micro-manage, and they don't hover.

Real leaders have courage

A true leader inspires others to love, because they love themselves. They encourage and inspire. Inspiring others means you are inspiring. In the choices that you make. The words you use. The way you think. It means you put yourself on the front line, ready to fight with your men...to win (or lose) the battle side by side.

They don't just accept the way things are

Just because something is 'standard protocol' does not mean it is the only way. True leaders know this. Not everyone does things the same way. They come up with new ways to improve what is being done. To change what is not working. They are instruments of positive change.

They know how to delegate

Let's face it. There is a lot on our plates. Why add more, when it's not necessary? True leaders know how to assign tasks. They also know their own personal limitations.

They keep a clear head

If you act confused, and show a lack of confidence, it affects the people you are leading. Prepare yourself for a tough job ahead. Know that it will be difficult, and be willing to face it with strength. Be prepared with a set of answers to possible questions. Know how to explain what you want your team to accomplish, and by what time.

They teach

They understand there's a deeper sense of purpose to what they're doing. That their expertise is also a responsibility to help others. That they've been given gifts to share, not just hold to themselves. Or to waste. And they share those gifts unselfishly...

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

How to survive a job in public relations...

Public relations: definition~1. the actions of a corporation, store, government, or individual, in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc. 2. the art, technique, or profession of promoting such goodwill.

The juggling act
Public relations can be daunting, especially when you are such a busy person. You probably have so many things to do at the same time you're even reading this article, let alone doing your job. And yet, you're taking the time to read it, because it might help you in some way. I hope it does.

In dealing with the public, we are putting ourselves on the line every day. It takes a spirit of courage to even try to do it, because there are so many different types of people that we serve. So many different personalities we face, and possible problems that could arise.

Multi-tasking, I've found, is not a friend to PR. It divides our focus, so that we aren't able to concentrate on helping people. On actually listening to them. And solving potential problems, or actual problems they are asking us to solve. It makes you less intelligent than you really are, especially in a social sense. And PR is social at the very core.

Ways to facilitate good PR practices

Customer surveys
Social media
Customer reviews
Store meetings
Special events
Shared community projects (community relations)

Community service

Understanding people is vital to good public relations. That we are all part of an extended community, and have a responsibility to help each other. To make things better for each other. Understanding that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. PR should focus on ways to improve experiences for the community. Ways to make it better. At times, you might be part of a larger PR campaign to improve relations and collaboration between your company and other neighborhood businesses. i.e. other businesses that share the same mall or space. The same block. You might be included in projects to make the customer experience better and the area safer for customers and employees. All of this is part of PR.

When things go awry

Customer complaints. Fingernails on a chalk board? Okay. Take a deep breath, because you can't make everyone like you. But you surely can control how you and your company are perceived. You CAN control how that customer feels about you and your handling of them when they walk away. Even if you feel that they were wrong. How you handle a difficult or unhappy customer can make or break your company's PR efforts.

And remember,  it's the little things that matter. A kind word goes a long way. Gestures of good will,  no matter how small, can make the difference in whether or not you become known for providing quality customer experiences. Good PR is a skill that can be learned. And remember, there is the customer's side, then there's your company's and your employees side. And a good mediator is one who is able to find a middle ground. Under which is truth and resolution.

Outwit outplay outlast

PR can sometimes feel like a game of survivor. There are so many things to balance. But at this tribal council, the best way to stay in the game is to think ahead. To really trouble shoot before anyone starts to get remotely upset. If you think there's even a slight possibility you've bothered someone by something you've done, apologize. Make them smile. Say something that will lighten their heart. To make their day better. That's how you want them to remember you and your company, when all is said and done. That you made their burden lighter, and solved their problem. 

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