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Monday, August 6, 2012

Arrogance is annoying...

I am getting tired of all the arrogance I see on the net. Social media sites like Twitter get on my nerves sometimes. Not because they're fast paced, or because they are business platforms. I love them for that. It's because when I read people's profiles, I sometimes feel a need to head to the bathroom and throw up...

Arrogance is not cute

If you are the top anything, that is great. If you've accomplished great things, that's wonderful. I just don't want to hear about how wonderful you are and all the bragging rights you have in your profile. I feel like if it's really true about you, it will reveal itself over time. Yeah, tell me about a couple of your accomplishments in your profile. That's fine. I need to know something about you in order to be interested in following you. However, please don't think that I care about all of your amazing feats if that is all you want to talk about, and not offer anything to help me be better.

Help without bragging

We all have something to offer. I have accomplished some great things. Things that I don't feel like I need to tell anyone in order for them to like or follow me. That's right. I don't mention all of my accomplishments in my profiles. I don't want to make people sick to their stomachs. I want to help them be better. I want them to benefit from what I do on the net, not get sick of me talking about how great I think I am. Because I don't think I am...

A touch of humility...

Goes a long way. Whether in a conversation, or in your online profiles. If you want me to follow you, please don't call yourself a "guru." That sounds too much like goulash, and I don't like that either. If you really are an expert, you won't have to say it at all. Your followers will see it in everything you do and say.

Thanks for stopping by...CC

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