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Monday, July 23, 2012

How to create #SEO for your blog

Plant the tree

and remember...

It takes time.

Attract the right audience

With the right information

What is your audience looking for? What are they seeking? Provide that for them, and generously...

Remember what's important

Remember that you are catering to a certain audience. Not everyone is going to like what you write about. And everyone liking what you write is not required. You aren't blogging for that reason. You are blogging about a certain topic because you are an expert on that topic, and you want to share your knowledge. You want to teach others, and help those who will benefit from what you know. Remember that not everyone will get it, and that is okay. Better to have a couple hundred real fans, than a million who don't get what you do, or just think you are 'okay.'


Visit other websites on similar topics, and leave comments. Engage. It will attract new followers back to your blog, and let others know who you are.

Social media marketing

Market your blog on all of your social media platforms. All of them. It's free advertising for your blog, and is worth the investment of your time.


Join Triberr. I can't stress this enough. Perfect example: before I joined Triberr, I had an audience, but now I have a major Google presence. And it's mostly because of my great tribe members sharing my posts. If you are invited to join a tribe, you should not hesitate. Accept the invitation. You will see how much it will benefit you, and pretty quickly. It is also a great way to get RTs (re-tweets) on Twitter, which send your optimization through the roof..

Regular posting

If you don't post regularly, your blog probably won't get enough traffic to create #SEO. I would recommend posting at least once a week, and more if you can swing it. Every time you post something new, it registers across the entire web. I've even noticed my Klout scores go up if I put up a new blog post. And the more #SEO you get, the higher your Klout score, too. Something to consider, if that is important to you.  

#Keywords and #hashtags

But not too many. You don't want to get keyword and hashtag happy. Just try to emphasize the main point of your blog post by mentioning whatever keyword you want to show up on search engines three times. Hashtags are keywords with a number sign in front of them, and they were created for Twitter users to easily show up in search. A great way to get noticed..

Watch it grow

At the beginning of this post, I said it takes time. And I'm really not kidding. I started this blog 2 yrs. ago, and it's just becoming successful. That should tell you a lot. It's not going to happen overnight. It's probably not going to happen in a few months. You gradually build your optimization over time, until you see the fruits of your labor.

Thanks for stopping by...CC

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