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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How to make your job work for you

It is true that there are a lot of people out there who say they're unhappy with their jobs. I sometimes feel like I live at work, but do I hate my job? No, not at all. I'm lucky in many ways. I try to see the mixed bag of pros and cons, and make it have more positives than negatives. And I've also realized that if something is not working, maybe it's my fault. Maybe I can do something to make it work better. Sometimes all that's required is a new perspective. I'm not saying you have to act like you love something that you don't. But you can find a way to make it through the difficulties with a better attitude about it. That is something you actually have control over. You don't have control over someone else's agenda. You can't control other people's expectations. But you can control how you react to them. You can control whether you let them bother you or not.

I've realized that there are many, many things that I can't control. I have limited control what others do. I can influence them in their behavior by being an example to them, but I can't MAKE them do anything. They also have their own agenda. They may not agree with mine. They may not do things exactly the way I think they should, but maybe they'll find a way that works better for them. And maybe that method will get the job done better than what I proposed. I'm not meaning to undermine my abilities in any way. I know what works for me. But everyone is different. Maybe my method will hold someone else back when it helps me to excel. So, it looks like one thing even experienced pros need to do is learn to be flexible. And let some things go. I've found that it definitely helps keep the blood pressure under control.

Are you what you do?

Yes and no. You are most known for what you do, though, and the value you can add to the world for doing it. Are you making a difference through your profession? If you don't feel that you are, then maybe you need to rethink things. Do I feel like what I do makes a difference? Yes, I do. Is it important? Yes, it is. Could the world keep turning without me? Of course! But is the world and my profession better with me in it? Yes, it is. If you can answer this way, then you're doing something right. Maybe you're not getting recognized as much as you think you should, but it's possible that your clients love you. Maybe you've helped people, and have made their lives better with what you've provided for them. Take the goodness that's inside you and make something great out of it. Use the skills you have to help people meet their needs and in the quickest amount of time possible.

Work is not entertainment

Let's get real here. It's work. If it was fun all the time, that's what it would be called. But it's called work for a reason. If you happen to have fun while you're working, consider that a bonus, not a requirement. We're programmed to only do what feels good to us. To only do what feels comfortable. But if you're only doing what feels good and comfortable, are you really growing? Probably not. If you're uncomfortable, maybe it's because you're expanding your set of skills. Maybe your status quo has been challenged, and you're being forced to perform at a higher level. Maybe you're being required to work harder. And that's uncomfortable, isn't it? And it's not fun sometimes, but it's not meant to be. It's meant to help you grow. If the end result is that you've achieved more than you ever did before you forced yourself to be uncomfortable, then that discomfort has served a purpose.

Attitude is everything

A great attitude will most likely get you far. It will not only make your clients love you, but your entire team. If you have other people on your side, they'll back you up when you need them the most. They'll help you win. And they'll be happy for you when you win, too! Because you were good with them. Your boss can forgive a lot of things, and you'd be surprised how forgiving people can be of your imperfections. You can be forgiven for practically anything if you've got a great attitude. Employers want to keep people who are compliant, punctual, and who do their jobs with a smile. Who are willing to help add value in some way without being asked. Your attitude will determine your level of success. Yes, your skills are necessary to make you successful. I have so many skills that have helped me stay employed with my company for a long time. But my attitude is the only thing that kept me there. The ONLY thing.

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