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Friday, November 18, 2011

Jerky behavior from a client's perspective (and what they'll never tell you)

Yes, I know...

The title is catchy. And why is that?

Because I think we're all guilty.

At times, I think we've all been guilty of actual jerky behavior, or perceived jerky behavior.

Caring more about your own agenda

"I feel rushed into making a decision. I'm not liking this. It's uncomfortable. Do you really care about helping me, or just your commission?"

Customers can always tell if you really care about them. They can also tell if you don't. If you rush them, it'll make the whole process uncomfortable and counter-productive. You'll achieve the opposite result of what your looking to achieve. Really take the time to connect with your customer as a human being, not just a number. I guarantee your numbers will be better for having invested the time. More time connecting equals more sales. It makes you memorable, and virtually guarantees that client will want to work with you again.

Opening those listening ears

"That's the third time I've had to repeat myself. I feel like I'm talking to a wall. And do you really care about what I'm saying?"

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who asks you a question, and then they'll interrupt you when you're answering THEIR question? I have. And I'll tell you right now, that is a real conversation killer. Or when you're talking to someone, and it's about something very important to you, while they're off in outer space somewhere? You know they're not listening to you, and you feel really irritated. And rightfully so. That's how clients feel when you don't listen to them. Exactly the same way you feel when someone is not listening to something important to you. Something that may mean a lot to you, and they're not caring is the main deciding factor of whether you continue to talk to that person or not. Clients are human, too. If they don't think you care, they'll just walk away.

Only talking about yourself

"Come on, not only is it vain, but I'm falling asleep listening to you go on and on about you. What about me? I'm standing here, and I need you to help me. And you're wasting my time."

There no bigger sign of a jerk than someone who doesn't care about the time constraints of others. It cries out selfishness. Time IS money. Some of us have so little of it, that we hire people to help us manage our time better. Don't waste someone's precious time showing them something they don't need or want.

Perceived jerky behavior

"I am very lonely. I'm here, waiting for some help. I'm willing to pay you to help me, which is the only way I can get help from anyone most of the time. And you're busy. How dare you be busy? I want help now, and you're not helping me right away. I shouldn't have to wait, even though you might be helping someone else. And so what if the phone is ringing? That phone can wait.You're so rude."

Now, this one is left to interpretation. I've had someone tell me I was being rude to them, when my intention was, by no means, to be rude. I think some folks think that everything needs to stop operating when they walk in the door. That you need to stand behind them, even when they're not talking to you. You can't please everyone, and there are some customers that are always looking for something to criticize. Those people are different than the ones that have an actual problem with your jerky behavior. At least now you know the difference, and you'll be able to nip any potential jerky behaviors in the bud. It'll give you more energy to focus on trouble shooting with the ones that perceive you in their distorted perception as a jerk. This is your opportunity to show them you're not.

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