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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Understanding The Business Side Of Sales

I must admit, the way I look at sales is pretty business-like. If you met me while I was doing my job, you might think I'm not thinking about business. The truth is, I always am. I know my clients think I'm a "fun" sales girl, or that I'm like family. I get that a lot. And I like someone looking at me as if I'm part of their family, like a daughter, for instance. I'm surprised when this happens, because even though it's nice to make those friends along the way, that wasn't my main objective when I came to work. 

I look at selling as a means to make money for my company, and for myself. It's what I get paid to do, and It's what makes me happy. When I'm doing great in my sales, it gives me a lift in everything I do. I just feel better in general, because it's what motivates me to keep going. When I'm doing business, that's when I am happiest. Not to sound corny, but sales is my life! I live it! It's what I love, and so is business. 

A lot of salespeople fail because they don't seem to understand that the main objective for a company hiring them is to make money for the company. They get caught up in other aspects of the job that don't involve making money, and then they complain when they are let go! Well, they weren't selling enough for the company they were hired to make money for, but they thought the company should keep them because they are a good person. I've met plenty of great people who got hired as salespeople, and I really like them, too. And I outlasted almost all of them! Because those really great people weren't meant for sales. They didn't understand the business aspect of a company. 

Now, I'm not saying that great salespeople are all business all the time! No, sir! If I was all about business all the time, I would never have any fun! And if you know anything about me, I think you know I'm all about having fun. But here's my take on having fun....I always try to incorporate business into it! In other words, I'm always trying to think of ways to make business more enjoyable, and that's what's fun for me. To have a great time with those other amazing salespeople, while taking care of business together!

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