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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Taking inspiration from other bloggers...

Yes, I must confess I've been reading other blogs lately. One thing that sticks out in my mind is that I see all different types of business philosophies, and all different types of selling. Some are on a small scale, and others are larger, corporate deals. However, the basic premise is the same...it's all selling. I'm interested in learning from other bloggers about their type of sales, and their business style. I've learned a lot about how to make my blog better that way, too!

Mine's still getting off the ground, and I heard it can take a while before anyone really comments. I may never get  the feedback I'm craving, but the truth is that I expect a lot! So, that just goes without saying. If you know anything about me at all, you know this. So why do I continue to write?

Blogging is a way to practice my writing, and to become stronger in language. Yes, it's true, that English is my first language. Right now, it's my only one. I know a lot of Spanish vocabulary, but not enough to hold a fluid conversation. I only know enough to get by. Another truth is that, even in English, we are always learning. Even people with college degrees sometimes make grammatical errors, or spell words wrong. When you're writing a blog, you're presenting yourself as an expert. That means you had better be masterful in describing your unique set of skills, and your use of words has a great deal to do with how your message will be received.

You can never proofread your blog too many times! There are so many possible mistakes that could present themselves when you look at it with fresh eyes. You should even have a friend take a look at it, and a friend who has an incredible grasp of English. It's amazing what you might discover! You thought it was perfect, but then you find out there's no such thing as perfection...

Sometimes, I'll read other business blogs to keep me motivated! Yes, I  keep track of how many times they post, and it helps me make adjustments. I'll ask myself, "Am I posting enough?" There was a time when I would slack off when it came to writing blog posts, and would maybe write one once a month. That's really not enough to see any great feedback, or to get your name out there. You need to post at least once a week to see any significant results. And travelling to other sites enables you to create more traffic to your website, because you're able to leave back links behind that will lead others back to your blog. It's great! I've gained traffic this way as well.

One thing I've learned, if nothing else, is that I really believe in what I'm doing. Otherwise, I would have given it up a while ago. But I still keep writing! I'll continue to do so, and take inspiration from wherever I can. I hope you will, too!

Thanks for stopping by...CC

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