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Monday, August 29, 2011

True Love is...

Writing a blog post every week

Actually, that's the minimum that a dedicated blogger should write per week! I have a friend on Twitter who writes around eleven blog posts per week! Yes, eleven! Now, that's dedication. Most people are not as diligent as Anthony Iannarino in making it a priority. However, just knowing it's possible makes me feel like I can at least write a couple posts per week with no problems whatsoever.

I guess I shouldn't really say true love. It's more like a true habit that's formed, that becomes a part of you. If you exercise that creative muscle, you can find inspiration to write in every day activities. Anthony said that it's about writing every idea down that you have. That makes a whole lot of sense. You see, most of us are not constantly creating something, but we could be. It takes being alert to what's around you, and being in tune with every idea that sets the great bloggers apart.

It turns out that creativity doesn't just happen. Maybe for a select few, it won't require a whole lot of thought. That doesn't apply to most of us, though. It makes me think back to when I was in school, and I really wanted to be an honor student. I was told that if I applied myself, that I could do anything. I couldn't agree more with that sentiment. Success doesn't just happen by accident. We don't achieve great things in life by chance. Most people who work harder to achieve will end up accomplishing more. It applies to blogging, doing well in school, being great in sports, or being a great parent. For most of us, greatness is not an innate quality. We have to work at it constantly.

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