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Saturday, September 10, 2011

It all comes down to...


No matter what, it's important to have energy! Especially when you're selling a product or service to someone. If you don't have enthusiasm about your product, you might as well kiss that sale goodbye. If you don't have a feeling of wanting to tackle whatever task you are performing, then you're not really present. The key is to be in the moment. To be fully present, and conscious of even the slightest facial expression you could be sending out. Be aware of how you are presenting yourself at all times. It also doesn't matter if you have done the same task so many times before. Each time you perform that task, you should do it with the same enthusiasm and love that you did the first time.

Even if you have to force yourself to smile and laugh, you should do it. Try to find humor in the situation when appropriate. It's also important to really give the people around you your full attention. You will see that they're happy to spend time talking and doing business with you, and it will improve the quality of your interactions.

 It all comes down to your attitude. Team mates and clients can really sense the difference between someone feigning enthusiasm, and one who is genuinely happy with their responsibilities. It could also pay off in a promotion, award, and more sales. Positive energy affects everyone around you, and is contagious. Smiling is infectious. If you are happy to be where you are, then others will be happy to be there, too. Not only your team mates, but your clients will be affected by your energy and positive attitude.

At times, you may feel invisible, or that your actions don't affect others. I can assure you that the folks whose opinions matter will see your actions, and could possibly even brag about you to new hires, clients, and even your general manager or the corporate office. You don't know the full extent of how much your hard work and enthusiasm is appreciated. It always is....

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