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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cara's list of lists...

12 Reasons to love a hand written note...

1) You can make it like a tweet (140 characters or less)
2) It's charming
3) It reminds people of Grandma
4) It's a bit old-fashioned (yet cool at the same time)
5) It lets the recipient know you cared enough to write (no kidding!)
6) It says something about your personality, i.e., stickers or stamps or other style indicators
7) It makes you stand out (in a good way)
8) People get to see that you can actually write
9) They get to see that you also have messy hand-writing, making you more approachable.
10) It's sappy and sentimental
11) It can't get deleted from their inbox, and they'll feel guilty if they think about throwing it away
12) It helps you keep in touch with prospects, clients, and loved ones:D

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