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Friday, March 11, 2011

Why being "pc" can be bad for business

In this age of political correctness, I've realized that we've gone too far, and this is hurting our chances for success. I start to tell a joke, and someone says, "Shhhh....she might get offended." Then I tell the joke, or say what I wanted to say any way. I then find that the client is delighted by my honesty, and having a clear opinion. Boy, am I glad now that I was true to my method of selling and being....

Since when do we all have to fit into cookie cutter shapes? What's wrong with forming the dough with your fingers? When I talk about dough, I think you probably realize it's a metaphor for your sales pitch! The truth is, we're all selling similar products and services. The way we really set ourselves apart is by using our unique outlook and personalities to put a signature on the entire sales cycle. Sometimes those who oppose uniqueness in selling will want to make you just like them....and I'm sorry, that just won't work! All this political correctness has become a burden, and is making people scared to be themselves....

I really like Justin Beiber. Yes, I said it, and I'll tell you why. And the reason is not because his music is great! To be honest, I don't listen to his music, really. I like that he doesn't censor his opinions on anything. He just says his truth when asked about a range of topics from abortion, to healthcare, to being in love. And I like that. We've been so conditioned to be products of political correctness, that when someone comes up with an opposing opinion to ours, we hem and haw until we've waffled so much that we look wishy washy. And I'm sorry, that is something I will not do! I will not tell you that something looks amazing when it is not the most flattering color choice, or tell a client that a product is a perfect fit for them when it clearly is not.

I will, however, be as honest as possible, redirecting when necessary. And this is all done out of love for my profession, and for that particular client. If I told every client what they wanted to hear, and worried too much about political correctness, I guarantee I would not have the client base that I have. I would not have them in my corner, asking for only me to help them when they come in, because deep down, they have realized that they need my opinions. They need my advice, and they need my friendship.

Don't get me wrong....I do care about how I come across, but I make a conscious decision to take risks that others don't take most of the time. Taking the risk of offending someone, hoping that the end result will be a positive one, that will enable me to connect with them more than if I had not. Mixing an "odd" combination of colors can make a beautiful painting, and if artists censored their art by being afraid to use those particular colors, their work would be dull. No one wants to see a painting made with only beige paint, just like no one really wants to see everyone acting or being the same. 

One person's methods of selling may not work for the next person, and yet another person shouldn't be telling the next individual how to behave, or that they should change. If something is working for you, then evaluate that particular method, and enhance it. And it's not always necessary to get anyone else's opinion about how you should sell, talk, or lead your life. It is your sale, your voice, and your journey. And the footprints you leave are unique to only you.

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