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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good vs. Remarkable

There are a lot of sales people out there who are good at what they do. And there are some who are very, very good! They show up every day, ready to work. And they work hard at what they are good at. They keep themselves busy, never idling on the job. They keep in touch with their clients, and show their appreciation for their business. Their sales managers tell them they are very good sales people. And they are....

If your sales manager tells you you're a very good sales person, it should put a question mark in your mind about what they really mean. You see, in today's world of selling, very good is just not enough. Very good is not excellent. It's not great. It's just very good. It's not enough!

I was watching a video on YouTube with Seth Godin. He was speaking very articulately about being remarkable. Being remarkable is better than being great. It's better than being excellent. It's remarkable. Being unique or special enough for someone to make a remark about you or your abilities. They may not have even liked what you were selling, but took the time to remark on something about their experience with you! And that's when you know....

That's when you know you've differentiated yourself. When someone makes a remark about you, your sales techniques, your style, whatever it may be! That's when you know you've gotten their attention! You are remarkable. Now, take whatever it was that caused that client to take notice, and let it shine for you:)

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