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Thursday, December 1, 2011

If you want to be successful in business...

Control your anger

I know it's easy to say, hard to do sometimes. But just think about it for a minute. Whenever anyone has done something heinous, stupid, or simply evil, where did it come from? Anger. Deep down, this is the emotion that can destroy a person's career, their family, their whole life. Too many careers have been ruined by someone's anger getting out of control, and them saying or doing something they shouldn't have. It may have been a purely rash decision, but with dire consequences that could last a lifetime.

Tempering your fire

Sometimes it's good to have a little fire inside you, keeping you motivated. Anger is not necessarily going to ruin your life, but it's like fire. It's beautiful from a distance, but dangerous at the same time. It could burn the house down, along with all your stuff. It could also warm your house, and make it comfortable, when it's kept under control. But you have to watch it. Fire is beautiful, and necessary. Just like anger. You'll need a little anger at yourself when you make a mistake, to help you correct it. And if something happens in your life that warrants it. But be careful...

Find a healthy distraction

If  I ever find myself getting angry, I try not to talk. I just get away from people as soon as I can, and take a break from what I was doing if possible. I've found that enjoying something, like a good cup of coffee, will give me enough new perspective on the situation to feel better about it. Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone, and let them know you're upset. That's perfectly alright, and a healthy way to calm yourself. Just remember, nobody likes a whiner, so don't do that too often. And make sure it's with a trusted friend.

Sometimes, your child will make you mad. They do something you told them so many times not to do, and you lose your temper. And guess what? That's the worst time to say anything. So many things have been said that people didn't necessarily mean, simply out of their anger and over-reaction to it. These things can also do serious damage to a relationship, so please be careful with the words you let come out of your mouth when your angry. They matter.

Calm yourself

When you see yourself getting angry, the best thing to do is not to react right away. I know it's hard not to react when your emotions are high, and you have something happen to you that isn't fair. Life isn't fair sometimes, and that can make you angry. You may simply be over-worked, and more prone to anger. Get some sleep. Get some exercise. Whatever it takes to make you feel better. We don't want you to be grumpy. Just make sure that, if you get mad about something, re-direct that anger into a good action. Get busy doing something. Anything, as long as it's something productive. Just moving around, and working on a project can calm you down. It gives you something positive to focus on, and you're more likely to feel good. Not angry.

Mental clarity

When you're not angry, you can focus on reality. Anger can cause a twisted reality, and loss of focus. It can make the simplest of tasks a burden, because it mentally taxes you. Clear your head as quickly as possible, and let it go. It's for the best.

Don't get angry

What's the best advice I can give? Don't get angry. And if you do find yourself getting angry, cool the fire as quickly as possible. Re-shift it like you do when a fire gets too hot in a fireplace. Let the air circulate around it, and open a window or a door to a more rational point of view.

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