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Monday, May 28, 2012

The chopping block theory...

If you've ever had the "pleasure" of having to catch and slaughter your own food, you've probably noticed that animals do not like to be taken to slaughter. Understandably so. Who likes putting their neck on a chopping block, and letting someone chop off their head? A rather uncomfortable thought, but please don't leave just yet. There's a point to this...

We humans, being the highest level of primate, have also developed an aversion for putting ourselves in danger. We tend to avoid the possible embarrassment of having to take risks. We like to be safe and comfortable. We like structure, and to seem like we know everything. We don't like the discomfort of trying something new. The problem is, if we avoid discomfort, we stay the same.

There has to be a certain level of fear for us to be called "brave." How can you be called courageous if you don't have to face some kind of demon along the way? To stare yourself down, and make yourself do something you never thought you could do. That's courage. Part of that is putting yourself on the line, and taking responsibility. For whatever it is you put your signature on. Take responsibility. Sometimes, just starting something is a sign of a courageous spirit. Of leadership. Accountability.

You make yourself vulnerable to your critics. You also set yourself apart, and have to run ahead of the pack, where you could get picked off first. You are the biggest threat. You are also the biggest asset. And everyone can see it. It is who you are. Your neck is out in front, ahead of everyone else.

"Stick your neck out every once in a while. It may get chopped off, but that's not very likely. Chances are, you will reach the finish line first."

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