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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Satan's Affiliates on Twitter

#1, or "The Best!" The only hand signal that still means the same thing....

There's something that been happening lately (or maybe I've just been sheltered) on Twitter. Either I'll have a lovely follower flipping me the bird on their profile picture, or flashing the sign of the dark side. What am I supposed to do with this? I have my own way of handling such offenses. First, I don't follow them back. Second, if I don't like them at all, I block them. If I find I have some sort of pity for them, (i.e. they look even the least bit nice) I don't block them. But I sure as hell aint following 'em!! Call me old-fashioned, call me a stick in the mud, whatever!!! I don't care.

Twitter is a portal for business, and if you're just on there talking about the latest beat down on your block, you've got no business being on Twitter! Sorry, Twitter is not for everyone....it's for promoting a business model, or at least some kind of intelligent thought. It's for poets, writers, business people, entrepreneurs, etc. People that have something important to share with the world. And if all you want to share with me is to tell me how Sally whats her face is a b***h, and she's just frontin' doesn't really know how to throw down, etc., well, how is that going to help me grow in my quest for knowledge? It's not, my friend. And therefore, I will ignore you, allowing you to follow my tweets, but I will not follow yours. You have nothing to offer me.

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