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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wake those clients up, will you? They sure need it!

Sometimes, I get very irritated when customers think I'm just there to exchange pleasantries with them, and they want to spend a half hour chatting with me about their pets, or their new house. Not that I don't care, but I'm working! Do you get that? I'm at work, and though you may think I'm your buddy, and I just love to stand there and chat away about nothing in particular, I really don't. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I know I led you to believe we were best friends, and that I might come over some time. But the truth is, that I'm really standing there to make money. First and foremost. Do you see the dollar signs flashing in my eyeballs? That's because my company expects me to make a quota for them, and no, I am not dodging you or your questions. I am just politely excusing myself to go help someone who will help me achieve mine and my company's objective.

Why is it that I have no problem with this, but other salespeople don't get it. Time is money. It surely is. And if you make a cold call, exchanging pleasantries, and establishing a rapport, is that the same as getting a step further in the sales cycle? No, it's not. Reality check. You haven't advanced in the sales cycle if you have no sign of a commitment on the side of your prospect. No appointment, no sale, no dice. You are just exchanging pleasantries. Sure, it's a good way to lead into making a potential sale, but the chances of you actually gaining business from a prospect who has wasted your time so much doesn't seem very promising. Does it? So what can you do differently? You can make the decision to be assertive, and ask for the appointment, or even better, the account! That's what you can do! You can word your exchange in a friendly manner, while also saving yourself, and the potential client some time. Sometimes, that's all it takes to wake up your prospect, and help them realize that, yes, you are friendly, but you are also there with one objective in mind....business.

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